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How to register a customer or brand?
How to register a customer or brand?

See how to register your customers or the brands you manage, with the corresponding networks for each one

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A customer on DashGoo is one of your real customers. It could also be a product or brand that you manage, from your own business.

On the customer's page you can view all reports for this customer and the dashboard. You can also add and view contacts related to this customer. This makes accessing information about a particular customer easier in one place.

On the registration screen ( enter the requested information such as name and email. Select customer data accounts and click Save.

Attention: If you don't associate customer accounts, you won't see them in the widgets when you build your report. It is necessary to associate all the accounts from different data sources in the client's record in order to be able to use them later in reports and dashboards.

The client's logo is used on client pages and will also be included in the header of reports.

The account manager is the person responsible for the customer within DashGoo. It is also the person who receives the contact emails sent by the customer through the Customer Portal. When scheduled reports are triggered for the customer, the emails are signed and identified in the name of this Account Manager. It can be configured both the name and email of a person or the agency itself. To edit profile information click here.

After registering the clients, you can view all of them by clicking on the “Clients” menu. In the overview ( you will have access to the list of all your clients. Click the green “New Brand or Customer” button at the top right of the page, or in the center of the page if you haven't added any customers yet.

After creating a customer and linking their accounts, you can create a report for them.

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