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How to register a customer or brand?
How to register a customer or brand?

See how to register your customers or the brands you manage, with the corresponding networks for each one

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A client in DashGoo is one of your real clients. It can also be a product or brand that you manage, from your own business.

On the brand's page, you can view all of its reports and the dashboard. You can also include and view contacts related to this client. This makes access to information about a particular company easier, all in one place.


Open the clients/brands screen ( and click on "Add new brand".

In the window that opens on the right side of the screen, enter the requested information such as name, email, etc. It is not necessary to fill in all the information. If there is any mandatory information, this notice will appear when you save.

After registering the brand, you can view all of them in that same initial listing (, and from there you will select their accounts.

There are two paths to do this: click on the plug icon on the right side of this new brand, or click on "Access brand".

In the first path, you will register the networks in the window that opens:

In the second path, simply click on "Connect" on the corresponding account within the brand:

In either of the two options, the result will be the same, you will register the networks of that brand.

It will only be possible to generate a report for a brand X with Facebook ADS data, for example, after registering Facebook ADS within that brand X, so this is an important step.

To understand what the connection requirements are for each account or how to connect specific networks, take a look at our Help Center, in the articles of the First Steps section.

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