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How to connect networks in DashGoo
How to connect networks in DashGoo

See step-by-step how to connect a network within your DashGoo account

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The CONNECTIONS screen is where you link the accounts you work with.

Also, on this page you can update, reconnect or remove your existing connections. If you have any expired permissions or have a problem with a connection, this is the place to go.

To register the network you need, click "Add a new connection".

Then select which of the networks you want to connect.

After clicking on your chosen connection, you will need to grant access permission to DashGoo. For Google ADS, for example, Google takes over with a permission page where you can select your Google account and allow access to DashGoo.


You can add multiple accounts from the same data provider. To do this, just repeat the previous procedures mentioned above.

From then on, it's a matter of selecting another Google account and logging into that account. Always give preference to your Google MCC account.

After clicking on the “Allow” button, you are returned to the DashGoo screen and the account is added to your DashGoo user account as a new data connection.


Facebook Insights is data about pages and Facebook Ads is data about ad accounts. Facebook Ads is different and independent of Facebook Insights. If you have ad accounts (Ads) and manage pages on Facebook (Insights) you need to add both integrations.

You will connect in Instagram Business, Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights the personal Facebook profile that has administrative access to customer accounts. If it's your personal profile, connect it on this DashGoo screen. The association part of the accounts of the respective customers will be on another screen.

Action buttons

When you add an account, the 3 buttons below are displayed next to each one:


1 – Refresh – The first one updates account data and information. Important when you register or exclude customers from your Google ADS MCC, for example. You must click this button EVERY TIME a new account is added within your MCC or Facebook profile.

2 – Relink – It may happen that the data provider account loses connection with DashGoo (due to password change or other reason). In this case, it is necessary to do the reconnection so that the data continues to be imported into DashGoo.

3 – Trash – Deletes the account and unlinks all clients related to it.

ATTENTION: Whenever you change the password of an associated account, you will need to do the RELINK process in DashGoo. If this procedure is not done, data will no longer be imported into your widgets.

Important: Accounts not used for more than 14 days (that are not making data requests to the data provider) may lose connection with DashGoo and will therefore have to be “reconnected” so that the data provider (Google, Facebook etc.) re-authorize access.

After connecting your account, before generating a report you still need to associate it with the corresponding customer/brand.

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