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My scheduled report was not sent
My scheduled report was not sent

Learn what might have happened and how to resolve the submission error in automated reports

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It may occur that a scheduled report (automated submission) has not been generated and sent to your client. Then an email is sent to you with the problem.

If you experience this, check the list below for possible solutions:

  • Reports with many Facebook widgets tend to reach the Facebook API timeout. The same can happen with several Google Analytics widgets in a single report. We advise you to use fewer Facebook and Analytics widgets or break them down into more reports.

  • When you have widgets in your reports coming from a data source that require authorization (like your Google ADS account), the connection may be lost over time. Please, check your frequently scheduled reports and see if all the widgets are shown on the screen when updating the data (open and save). If not, review this widget, try to edit it again, or remove it from the report. If the widgets still do not load, go to the connections page ( and reconnect (relink) the account.

  • In Google Analytics, you can create custom segments. But let's say you connect a Google Analytics account with filtered segments and this segmentation is not available to you in Analytics. That way we can not access this filter and an error will be generated. So check the filters and the widget that is bringing the error.

  • If you have a lot of Analytics widgets, and probably also have a comparison, then we’ll need to make 2 Analytics requests for each Widget or KPI. Imagine an extensive report with multiple widgets with comparison. This causes many requests to be triggered into Google Analytics in a short period of time, which means that the return of this data can be blocked by Google or back with some error. So, wait a while and maybe move some of the widgets to a separate report.

  • Try manually creating a PDF file of the report you want to automate. If something does not work, the scheduling of the report submission will also fail.

  • For technicians: Check the Javascript Console when you open the report. If there are javascript errors, the PDF generator will certainly fail and the report will not be generated.

IMPORTANT: Accounts that are not used for more than 14 days (which are not making data requests to the data provider) will lose their connection to DashGoo and will need to be relinked to DashGoo so the data provider (Google, Facebook, etc.) authorizes their access again.

If you have gone through all the steps above and still have problems with the PDF file, please contact us via DashGoo application providing the name of your report and the problem you have encountered. We’ll investigate this.

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