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My widgets are missing data
My widgets are missing data

See possible reasons for the error displaying data in widgets, and how to resolve them

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API Boundaries

For each widget or KPI in the report, a separate request is made to the data provider like Google ADS to fetch the data. Google, however, has a limit on the amount of requests a user can make in a given amount of time. This means that if you have a lot of ADS widgets and keep refreshing the page frequently or creating PDF files of a report that has many widgets multiple times, you take the risk of reaching that limit. The only solution available here is to wait a few minutes and try again.

Date ranges without data

You may have selected a date range that has no data. In this case, select another period and check if everything is correct now.

Metric incompatible or unregistered

It may happen that you select a metric that is not being used or has not been configured in your data provider. An example would be the conversions metric in Google ADS and everything that is related to it. If you have not set up conversions, it will always return empty data. Some metrics may also not be compatible with certain segments or dimensions.

Unlinked account (disconnected)

There’s a chance that your account loses the link for some reason. In this case it will not return any kind of updated data. Check on Connections ( and if necessary update the account or reconnect it again.

IMPORTANT: Accounts that are not used for more than 14 days (which are not making data requests to the data provider) will lose their connection to DashGoo and will need to be relinked to DashGoo so the data provider (Google, Facebook, etc.) authorizes their access again.

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