How to export a report in mLabs?

Learn how to export a report template in PDF, PPT or share link

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Learn how to create a report template by mLabs and export it in PDF, PPT or share link formats.

How to generate a report template in mLabs?

To export a report in mLabs click on “Reports” and then on “Generate report”.

Choose the “New report” option.

On the next screen, enter the report name and choose the report type. See that we have some models ready. The coolest and most used is the “Custom”, where you choose what information you want for your report.

In this step, select the channel to generate your report.

Finally, in the last step, select the types of charts you want to add to your report.

After following all the steps, click on “Save Report”. Your report template will be ready.

Note: The report template is for you to save and use on any date when exporting. Then the report date will be set only when exporting the report in PDF, PPT or share link.

How to extract the report template they create in PDF, PPT or share link?

After saving your report template, click on the “edit” icon and then on “view”.

You will be taken to a new export screen. On this screen, you must choose the desired period of data:

On the left side, you can choose “Export” and choose between PDF or PowerPoint or “Share” and generate a link to this report.

Note: When you email the report, the person you sent will receive a link to the report. The “share” item also generates a share link for that report.

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